Can I operate a UV printer ?

If your current capabilities only include laser engraving or sandcarving, expanding into UV printing is a whole new ball game. For others who have already branched out into screen printing and sublimation, the learning curve may be a little smoother. Learning how to manage colors properly, navigate complicated RIP software, and maintain a high-tech machine like a UV printer can take some time. You need to decide if your current staff has the background knowledge to make an easy transition into UV printing, or if it makes sense to hire someone with design and print training.

During the research phase of your UV printer purchase, you may want to visit the manufacturer’s headquarters for a personalized demonstration of the equipment, or at the very least attend a trade show so you can see the printer in action and the steps needed to run it. Many manufacturers provide onsite installation after purchase, including hands-on training and education for all employees who will be involved in running the printer. There may also be training tutorials and how-to videos for printing techniques or part replacement, in addition to call-in or webcam support to walk you through any issues.

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