What Else Should I Consider Before buying UV Printer ?

While a UV printer is a considerable investment that can significantly increase your profits, you shouldn’t plan on it paying for itself overnight. Be prepared to do more than just transfer your existing business over to UV printing. Find ways to expand your line and add value to the products you offer by doing something that your competition can’t. Identify your market and find out what your customers want — they will gladly pay extra for the additional options UV printing can offer.

Bruce Gilbert at G&W Gifts and Awards has a few comments to offer on the topic: “Do your research — buying a UV printer is a long process. Learn about the company you are dealing with — that’s who you’ll be married to. If you don’t get along, you have a problem. Don’t be swayed by price. A few thousand dollars when spread over the life of the machine is not that much. The most important question is, (is the manufacturer) responsive when I call for help?”

The number one answer given by those in the awards industry when asked what’s most important in choosing a UV printer, is support. Most UV printer brands have comparable pricing and printing capabilities, but there’s no question that you will need to deal with the manufacturer on an ongoing basis for support or repairs during the life of your printer. Make sure you’re comfortable with the people you deal with during the buying process and that you can trust them to stand behind their product and continue to support you in the future. It’s always a good idea to ask others in the industry who have already ventured into UV printing for recommendations and advice while making your decision.

The most important thing you will invest when adding UV printing to your business is your time. As with any complex piece of technology, it takes time to learn how to make full use of all the exciting features of a UV printer. It also takes trial and error, and lots of practice to learn effective techniques for printing on various types of substrate and different-shaped objects successfully. Be prepared for some down-time or delays in production during the learning curve and plan accordingly. If you take the time to do your homework, you’ll soon be an expert in UV printing, and your bottom line will reap the benefits.

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